What you should know about pedophilia?

What is pedophilia?

Pedophilia is a sexual disorder in the form of sexual appetite towards adolescents or children under the age of 14 years. People with pedophilia are called pedophiles. A person can be considered a pedophile if he is at least 16 years old.

According to the mass media, pedophilia is better known as child abuse. This definition is inaccurate and inaccurate in describing the patient situation which causes difficulties in research and data collection of this disease.

It is important to know that pedophilia is a disease, not a sin. Not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophiles and not all pedophiles abuse children.

How common is pedophilia?

Almost all pedophiles are male, but it does not rule out the possibility for women with pedophilia. Accurate data has not been collected because the majority of patients close themselves off from the community. Research on this disease is carried out on pedophiles who commit sexual violence, so the results are still uncertain.

What are the symptoms of pedophilia and the characteristics of a pedophile?

Pedophilia is usually detected by oneself after puberty, when one’s sexual orientation is focused on children, not adults. He cannot determine their sexual orientation and then feel afraid of themselves. They also often experience social discrimination; it is difficult for them to be involved in the community and connect with others. This made him attracted to children because they were still innocent and not judgmental like adults.

Lately, scientists and the public have a tendency to study psychological problems; some patients are more open about their illness for the sake of science. According to patients, symptoms of pedophilia include feeling inferior, isolated, and even depressed; they fear that their sexual orientation is known, so they isolate themselves from others.

Patients consider their passion wrong and illegal to fulfill. Therefore they always control themselves and find safe ways to satisfy themselves. Some cases of violence in children often involve other psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia and cognitive distortions. On the other hand, some criminal cases in children are not actually pedophiles. Patients can have other psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, severe depression, mood disorders, and excessive use of stimulants.

There may be symptoms not mentioned above. If you have concerns about a symptom, consult your doctor.

When should I see a doctor?

If you or your family member has the above signs and symptoms, see your doctor immediately. Always discuss with your doctor to be referred to the best diagnostic and treatment method for you.

What causes pedophilia?

The cause of pedophilia is still not clearly known because psychological illness has only recently been further studied. The difficulty in determining the exact cause is also based on differences in the characteristics and backgrounds of each person.

Many experts assume that the main cause comes from social psychological factors, not biological. Some doctors claim that the factor influencing a patient’s personality is an abnormal family background. Harassed at an early age can also be the cause. However, the number of cases is not large, so it is not certain to cause pedophilia.

Since 2002, several studies on pedophilia from biological factors have been carried out. Several factors and theories in determining the cause of pedophilia, such as:

Low IQ and short-term memory, lack of white matter in the brain, lack of testosterone, brain problems

Problems with the brain are the most accepted cause among these factors. In normal people, seeing children make their brains spontaneously produce nerve waves to increase their instincts to protect and love; in pedophiles, nerve waves are disrupted and result in increased sexual arousal.

Who is at risk of becoming a pedophile?

Because pedophilia is a congenital disease, the trigger factors have not been identified.

Can pedophilia be cured?

Pedophilia is a chronic disease. Your treatment must be focused on changing behavior for the long term. Treatment is in the form of observing and anticipating criminal acts. A group of psychic doctors will be mobilized to support the patients.

You will sometimes be advised to take medications to reduce libido such as medroxyprogesterone acetate, drugs that reduce testosterone and serotonin inhibitors. What’s more, pedophiles need treatment for alcoholism or stimulants.

Children who experience sexual violence must be protected from repeated incidents. Some children who experience violence need to be taken to hospital.

What are the usual tests to diagnose pedophilia?

The diagnosis of pedophilia is difficult because many of the patients do not show emotion, even when meeting directly with a doctor. Complete information about the patient is very important for diagnosis. Other information must also be collected from the family, potential victims, legal organizations, or the community. Even an experienced doctor may not be able to diagnose this disease in all cases.

MRI scans and some brainwave detection devices can be used to observe brain activity. The recorded waves will show which images provoke the patient, allowing the diagnosis to be made.

What can be done to overcome pedophilia?

The best way to find out if someone is a pedophile is to get them to consult with a psychologist to find ways to prevent patients from taking illegal actions and help them maintain a normal life. When you know or suspect someone with pedophilia, stay calm and find out if they can commit a crime. Patients who are not severe and harmless can still get along with other people in the community.

If you have questions, consult your doctor for the best solution for your problem.