Incorrect Use of Terms and Associations in the Media

“It is very terrible and dangerous for us to multiply the pedophile concept at random. The media, the police, are sources of discourse that we must correct” said the expert in a discussion on pedophilia.

In a number of writings, the term pedophile refers to sexual exploitation or child abuse, for example in the title of the article “Why the words ‘Lolly’ and ‘Candy’ Selected by Pedophiles – about the Facebook group Loly Candy that circulates child pornography content – and” Ministry of Education and Culture Tells Parents How To Prevent Pedophiles. In the second article, we also had the time to write “pedophilia is categorized as an extraordinary crime with a penalty of 18 years in prison”.

Such an explanation is an example of a mistake because according to expert, in legal language the term pedophile is not mentioned, which is the perpetrators of sexual violence against children.

Every news is also inseparable from the framing that directs the reader’s perspective. In the context of preaching pedophiles, one way is through associating the term with certain characteristics or groups. Between once released news with the title “Pedophiles are very sadistic and destructive”.

While in one of the other articles related to the Facebook group Loly Candy, we once quoted a statement from the Head of Public Relations of the National Police Headquarters, “So what has been detected is like in Surabaya which has been sentenced, then there is another online prostitution activity where peddling for gay / gay people is part of the forerunner to pedophilia. “

In the reporting of sexual crimes against children by same-sex offenders, an assumption arises that every offender is homosexual. Inevitably, this association added stigma to the group.

In an article entitled “Homosexuality and Pedophilia: The False Link” in the Huffington Post, Gregory Herek, a research psychologist from the University of California said, pedophilia associations among men with homosexuality often occur because of people’s dislike of gays and their efforts to represent that gay is a threat to “family values”.

The pedophile association with certain groups was also commented on by expert. He stated, “In a heteropatriarchic society dominated by certain beliefs, this misuse of the term [pedophile] will provide justification for marginalizing and discriminating against certain people who have closeness to the erroneous narration. If we don’t put the concepts of pedophilia and sexual crime in accordance with facts and data, we will target people we don’t like. “

Impact of Misconception about Pedophiles

In a press release posted on the PKBI website, mentioning pedophilia is a form of softening of sexual crimes in children. One implication of this is the emergence of potential / legal loopholes that alleviate perpetrators of sexual crimes against children.

“Legally, this [use of the term pedophile] can be abused by child sexual criminals even though it doesn’t completely free them. The state of pedophiles [as a psychiatric disorder] can be used as an excuse for perpetrators not to be legally responsible for their actions” said the expert.

For the record, in Indonesia, people who are diagnosed with mental disorders and find it difficult to account for their crimes will receive different treatment. “Do not let the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children take refuge under the term pedophile, admit mental illness and ask for rehabilitation only” added the expert.

“Based on data and limited studies show, globally, the largest number of sex offenders against children is the closest person to children. Tips for being suspicious of strangers must also be criticized because there is no fact [that the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children are foreigners]” added the expert.