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What you should know about pedophilia?

What is pedophilia?

Pedophilia is a sexual disorder in the form of sexual appetite towards adolescents or children under the age of 14 years. People with pedophilia are called pedophiles. A person can be considered a pedophile if he is at least 16 years old.

According to the mass media, pedophilia is better known as child abuse. This definition is inaccurate and inaccurate in describing the patient situation which causes difficulties in research and data collection of this disease.

It is important to know that pedophilia is a disease, not a sin. Not all people who sexually abuse children are pedophiles and not all pedophiles abuse children.

How common is pedophilia?

Almost all pedophiles are male, but it does not rule out the possibility for women with pedophilia. Accurate data has not been collected because the majority of patients close themselves off from the community. Research on this disease is carried out on pedophiles who commit sexual violence, so the results are still uncertain.

What are the symptoms of pedophilia and the characteristics of a pedophile?

Pedophilia is usually detected by oneself after puberty, when one’s sexual orientation is focused on children, not adults. He cannot determine their sexual orientation and then feel afraid of themselves. They also often experience social discrimination; it is difficult for them to be involved in the community and connect with others. This made him attracted to children because they were still innocent and not judgmental like adults.

Lately, scientists and the public have a tendency to study psychological problems; some patients are more open about their illness for the sake of science. According to patients, symptoms of pedophilia include feeling inferior, isolated, and even depressed; they fear that their sexual orientation is known, so they isolate themselves from others.

Patients consider their passion wrong and illegal to fulfill. Therefore they always control themselves and find safe ways to satisfy themselves. Some cases of violence in children often involve other psychiatric diseases such as schizophrenia and cognitive distortions. On the other hand, some criminal cases in children are not actually pedophiles. Patients can have other psychiatric illnesses such as anxiety, severe depression, mood disorders, and excessive use of stimulants.

There may be symptoms not mentioned above. If you have concerns about a symptom, consult your doctor.

When should I see a doctor?

If you or your family member has the above signs and symptoms, see your doctor immediately. Always discuss with your doctor to be referred to the best diagnostic and treatment method for you.

What causes pedophilia?

The cause of pedophilia is still not clearly known because psychological illness has only recently been further studied. The difficulty in determining the exact cause is also based on differences in the characteristics and backgrounds of each person.

Many experts assume that the main cause comes from social psychological factors, not biological. Some doctors claim that the factor influencing a patient’s personality is an abnormal family background. Harassed at an early age can also be the cause. However, the number of cases is not large, so it is not certain to cause pedophilia.

Since 2002, several studies on pedophilia from biological factors have been carried out. Several factors and theories in determining the cause of pedophilia, such as:

Low IQ and short-term memory, lack of white matter in the brain, lack of testosterone, brain problems

Problems with the brain are the most accepted cause among these factors. In normal people, seeing children make their brains spontaneously produce nerve waves to increase their instincts to protect and love; in pedophiles, nerve waves are disrupted and result in increased sexual arousal.

Who is at risk of becoming a pedophile?

Because pedophilia is a congenital disease, the trigger factors have not been identified.

Can pedophilia be cured?

Pedophilia is a chronic disease. Your treatment must be focused on changing behavior for the long term. Treatment is in the form of observing and anticipating criminal acts. A group of psychic doctors will be mobilized to support the patients.

You will sometimes be advised to take medications to reduce libido such as medroxyprogesterone acetate, drugs that reduce testosterone and serotonin inhibitors. What’s more, pedophiles need treatment for alcoholism or stimulants.

Children who experience sexual violence must be protected from repeated incidents. Some children who experience violence need to be taken to hospital.

What are the usual tests to diagnose pedophilia?

The diagnosis of pedophilia is difficult because many of the patients do not show emotion, even when meeting directly with a doctor. Complete information about the patient is very important for diagnosis. Other information must also be collected from the family, potential victims, legal organizations, or the community. Even an experienced doctor may not be able to diagnose this disease in all cases.

MRI scans and some brainwave detection devices can be used to observe brain activity. The recorded waves will show which images provoke the patient, allowing the diagnosis to be made.

What can be done to overcome pedophilia?

The best way to find out if someone is a pedophile is to get them to consult with a psychologist to find ways to prevent patients from taking illegal actions and help them maintain a normal life. When you know or suspect someone with pedophilia, stay calm and find out if they can commit a crime. Patients who are not severe and harmless can still get along with other people in the community.

If you have questions, consult your doctor for the best solution for your problem.






Incorrect Use of Terms and Associations in the Media

“It is very terrible and dangerous for us to multiply the pedophile concept at random. The media, the police, are sources of discourse that we must correct” said the expert in a discussion on pedophilia.

In a number of writings, the term pedophile refers to sexual exploitation or child abuse, for example in the title of the article “Why the words ‘Lolly’ and ‘Candy’ Selected by Pedophiles – about the Facebook group Loly Candy that circulates child pornography content – and” Ministry of Education and Culture Tells Parents How To Prevent Pedophiles. In the second article, we also had the time to write “pedophilia is categorized as an extraordinary crime with a penalty of 18 years in prison”.

Such an explanation is an example of a mistake because according to expert, in legal language the term pedophile is not mentioned, which is the perpetrators of sexual violence against children.

Every news is also inseparable from the framing that directs the reader’s perspective. In the context of preaching pedophiles, one way is through associating the term with certain characteristics or groups. Between once released news with the title “Pedophiles are very sadistic and destructive”.

While in one of the other articles related to the Facebook group Loly Candy, we once quoted a statement from the Head of Public Relations of the National Police Headquarters, “So what has been detected is like in Surabaya which has been sentenced, then there is another online prostitution activity where peddling for gay / gay people is part of the forerunner to pedophilia. “

In the reporting of sexual crimes against children by same-sex offenders, an assumption arises that every offender is homosexual. Inevitably, this association added stigma to the group.

In an article entitled “Homosexuality and Pedophilia: The False Link” in the Huffington Post, Gregory Herek, a research psychologist from the University of California said, pedophilia associations among men with homosexuality often occur because of people’s dislike of gays and their efforts to represent that gay is a threat to “family values”.

The pedophile association with certain groups was also commented on by expert. He stated, “In a heteropatriarchic society dominated by certain beliefs, this misuse of the term [pedophile] will provide justification for marginalizing and discriminating against certain people who have closeness to the erroneous narration. If we don’t put the concepts of pedophilia and sexual crime in accordance with facts and data, we will target people we don’t like. “

Impact of Misconception about Pedophiles

In a press release posted on the PKBI website, mentioning pedophilia is a form of softening of sexual crimes in children. One implication of this is the emergence of potential / legal loopholes that alleviate perpetrators of sexual crimes against children.

“Legally, this [use of the term pedophile] can be abused by child sexual criminals even though it doesn’t completely free them. The state of pedophiles [as a psychiatric disorder] can be used as an excuse for perpetrators not to be legally responsible for their actions” said the expert.

For the record, in Indonesia, people who are diagnosed with mental disorders and find it difficult to account for their crimes will receive different treatment. “Do not let the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children take refuge under the term pedophile, admit mental illness and ask for rehabilitation only” added the expert.

“Based on data and limited studies show, globally, the largest number of sex offenders against children is the closest person to children. Tips for being suspicious of strangers must also be criticized because there is no fact [that the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children are foreigners]” added the expert.





What is the difference between pedophiles and sex offenders against children?

Mistakes in using the term pedophile can lead to legal loopholes that alleviate perpetrators of sexual crimes against children

“A pedophile does not always sexually abuse children. Conversely, perpetrators of sexual violence against children are not necessarily pedophiles” said a psychiatrist.

In society, there are various views on pedophilia. Many consider pedophiles to be criminals who should be severely punished. But on the other hand, there is also a different view. Understanding of pedophiles is very important, misinterpretation of pedophilia will have implications for policies that are also ‘wrong’.

Referring to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder, pedophilia is classified as paraphilia: a mental disorder that involves sexual attraction towards objects or sexual activity that is not common. People with pedophilia have strong, repetitive impulses, sexual behaviors, or fantasies about pre-pubescent children, generally aged 13 and under.

There are criteria in the world of psychiatry to classify someone with pedophilia. “At a minimum, encouragement, behavior, or sexual fantasies about these children have been going on for 6 months in a row. Then, pedophilia also causes distress” said a psychiatrist. Regarding this distress or pressure, he said that it could be experienced both by the person with pedophilia himself and those around him who were disturbed.

“Imagine like this, you want to date someone, but it is forbidden by parents and friends. It’s stressful. This kind of feeling is also experienced by pedophiles” explained a psychiatrist. This feeling is said to be unrelated to the perpetrators of sexual crimes against children because it is not merely a pedophile to manifest their sexual desires for children.

Not all pedophiles only engage in sexual activities with children. There are some pedophiles who want to have sex with adults. This can be related to the strong public rejection of sexual activity involving children, so that a pedophile still tries to look “normal” through efforts to relate with other adults despite internal conflicts.

Another criterion for someone considered to have pedophilia is that there is no other ‘disorder’ that creates sexual drive, behavior, or fantasies related to children. Another example of the disorder is drug consumption which is then linked to accusations that someone is a pedophile.

The exact cause of pedophilia has not yet been obtained by psychologists, only possibilities. Some say this is influenced by neurotransmitter disorders, parental care, or the influence of the surrounding environment. There are also those who state that pedophilia is related to stress or malnutrition experienced by pregnant women.

Meanwhile, to change this mental state, there are several ways that can be chosen, ranging from therapy using drugs such as anti-androgens to behavior therapy. However, any kind of therapy will be difficult to produce the expected results if it only targets the pedophile. For all mental disorders, biological, psychological, and social factors play an important role in changing their conditions.

For example in the case of pedophilia, we can provide biological and psychological therapies, but if social factors such as family members are not supportive, the results are not optimal.

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What is pedophilia, criteria and differences of opinion among experts?

Based on medical diagnosis, pedophilia is defined as a psychiatric disorder in adolescents aged 18 years and over or adults who have an interest in being attracted to young children or prepubertal. The international world asks for pedophilia as a protection for personalities as well as adults who have a sexy interest in children during puberty or before puberty.

According to some literature, pedophilia is paraphilia, a person who has a strong interest and sexual fantasy towards children before puberty that causes suffering or difficulties in their personal. Based on statistical data, many pedophiles suffer from men, but there are also women who suffer even though according to some experts the number is less than men. Until now pedophilia can not be treated medically, but certain therapies can be done to reduce or prevent pedophilia sufferers from sexual abuse of children.

In general, pedophilia means that someone who has a sexual interest in children or someone who acts sexually abuse children. This understanding is also applied to someone who is engaged in sexual activity and sexual harassment in minors. The researchers argue that this is not appropriate because based on several cases of people who sexually abuse children do not meet the clinical diagnosis standards for pedophilia, on the contrary not all pedophiles sufferers sexually abuse children.

Pedophilia was officially recognized in the 1980s, where a significant number of cases were found. Until now the exact cause of pedophilia can not be known, researchers assume that pedophilia may be related to nerve tissue that correlates psychologically with personality. The researchers grouped pedophilia based on their behavior and motivation used for the benefit of forensics and law enforcement.

There is a difference of opinion among experts on the meaning of pedophilia, on the one hand saying that child molesters or those who sexually abuse children are called pedophiles while on the other hand saying that for cases of sexual abuse of children requires a diagnosis first before deciding that the perpetrators pedophilia sufferers or not, because not all perpetrators of child sexual abuse are diagnosed as pedophilia.

Research conducted in 1993 on sexual abuse of children stated that in the field of research on pedophilia, the problem of pedophilia was not yet developed at that time, so there was a problem of definition which resulted in the absence or lack of standardization among researchers in using the term pedophilia. They stated two definitions, namely restrictive aimed at individuals who have a strong sexual interest exclusively in children and inclusive who have a broader understanding that is intended for individuals involved in sexual contact with children including incest, according to them this definition is used because the criteria for actors are easier to identify and do not require complex analysis of individual motivation.

In the end we are asked to wisely judge whether a pedophile is certain to sexually abuse children? Or conversely is the person who sexually abuses children is definitely a pedophile? This must be examined in more depth first so that the decision taken is not wrong. Because this could be used by someone who sexually harasses children who do not suffer from pedophilia to protect from harsh punishment.

More info about Pedophilia in Wikipedia





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